About us


Founded in 2016, the VillageOffice cooperative promotes new forms of work and is building a nationwide network of VillageOffice Partner Spaces. These are coworking spaces embedded in a network of local service providers.

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Our Vision

VillageOffice has set itself the goal that by the year 2030 every person in Switzerland will reach the next coworking space within 15 minutes by bicycle or public transport. Our aim is to relieve the traffic infrastructure, strengthen local businesses and improve the quality of life by shortening the commuting distance.

We want to achieve this goal by promoting new forms of work and establishing a nationwide network of VillageOffice Coworking Spaces.

We support and advise municipalities, companies, real estate owners and coworkers in this regard.


The bylaws of the VillageOffice Cooperative form our legal base. They were revised on December 18, 2018. They are available in German only.

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