Cornelia Hasler

I am your regional partner for Eastern Switzerland.

Hasler Cornelia Original_72dpi.jpg

For some years now, I commute to my place of work two days a week and am free to choose which days those are. As a long-time politician, I can usually work where I want, where I feel comfortable and can unfold myself, so this combination suits me and I am grateful.

The idea of commuting five days a week is terrible. A lot of valuable time is lost, a lot of stress arises. The increasing number of commuters also made me sit up and take notice. New solutions are needed.

That’s why I have been observing the press reports and interviews about the development of coworking in Switzerland - and above all the development in rural areas - for quite some time. Thanks to my private project involvement in the Work-Lounge Aadorf, I got to know and above all appreciate the VillageOffice community. As a new member, I was warmly welcomed, patiently introduced and professionally looked after. I am looking forward to the upcoming time and the exciting projects with the VillageOffice team.

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