Emilie Etesi

I help you when it comes to coaching coworking communities.

Emilie Etesi

I’m a radical thinker with a penchant for the surprising... and coffee. I am also a wife, a mom of two and a serial entrepreneur. After much searching, I have found my purpose as a coach – to activate people and communities to create a better world for themselves.

I can’t change the world as a whole, but I can make an impact on a small and local scale and inspire those I work with to do the same. I want to help you create more efficient and happy communities that approach problem solving together and more creatively. No matter if it is an existing team at work, a new one, strengthening small business communities within towns, creating thriving coworking spaces and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

Fun facts: I have jumped from a plane, ridden a mechanical bull and hurled myself down a raging river and lived to tell the tales!

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