Fabienne Stoll

I'm your contact for the VillageOffice communication.

What people say about me: Likes to move out of her comfort zone and explore the unusual as a strategic lateral thinker. Has been communicating and developing strategies for more than 15 years for SMEs, NPOs, institutions, administrations and large companies. Gets to the heart of the complex. Loves inspiration, aesthetics, agility and authenticity. Accompanies people and organizations into the future of work. Is committed to new forms for society, work and organizations as a Consultant, Life Design Coach and Design Thinker.

Besides VillageOffice, I'm La Stoll. I advise, accompany, train and inspire in Communication Design, Life Design and Organization Design. In new work jargon we would call that a purpose-driven, human-centered facilitator, design thinker, consultant and coach. At VillageOffice, I am committed to bringing work back to where we live. For a conscious now and tomorrow with meaning and joy. Together with a great, self-organized team.

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