Helia Burgunder

I represent the interests of French-speaking Switzerland and employers.

I witnessed the birth of VillageOffice some years ago and decided to engage myself towards the mission of actively contributing to develop a modern workplace landscape for Switzerland. In a world where so much focus is being put on sustainability and environmental efforts, it’s our social responsibility, at all levels, to promote and support initiatives allowing to #WorkWhereYouLive. Having led swiss-wide organisations, I have experienced myself frequent and long commuting times, and it was a relief to set some days aside to use a co-working space near my home - my productivity during those days was amazing ! I’m convinced VillageOffice network is a major cornerstone providing a full-fledged professional working environment outside of city centers, thus enabling a better work-life-balance, and bringing advantages for enterprises allowing to optimize office spaces and attract new talents through flexible and human-oriented working formats.

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