Mylène Thiébaud

I'm there for you as a coach.

I appreciate coworking spaces because they inspire me, give me space and connect me. Working with VillageOffice gives me the opportunity to contribute for developing the future of Switzerland and to use my experience for a good cause.

I am a «mompreneur»: a woman who writes her own business life story, who is constantly growing and who enjoys taking on different roles. I am a graduate food engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) and have trained as a marketing manager and coach. I learned that a lot is possible with the right mindset, some creativity and the appropriate strategy. I could push forward many projects and people on my way. I have always been an entrepreneur – even as an employee. Today I am happy to take on responsibility as an independent entrepreneur and to drive forward people, companies and teams.

What else? Before I became self-employed, I worked for the development and launch of new business models in the strategic business development department of Migros Aare. With the development of the "Migros Daily" store concept and range, I was able to gain a valuable insight into Swiss consumer habits and needs.

Anything else? I speak fluent Swiss German dialect with a charming French accent.

A final word? 1+1=3 ! I love this formula and I am convinced that teams can cause wonders. As a coach, my goal is to make experiences possible that deliver from living in fear. And to accompany people so that dream teams are created.

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