Working flexibly, combining private and professional life, commuting less, new cooperations and networks – you can do all this with Coworking in Solothurn. VillageOffice will be happy to assist and advise you in setting up and operating a coworking space in your community.

Coworking in Solothurn: The advantages

Increase local value added

A coworking space brings the work back to the home: it boosts the economy in communities and promotes the exchange of knowledge, ideas and networks. Coworking supports access to new markets and collaborations and provides a professional environment for concentrated work.

Improve quality of life

Coworking offers temporal and spatial flexibility. It enhances well-being and supports a better work-life balance: more time for work, family, friends and hobbies.

Relieve traffic infrastructure

Coworking at home contributes to a sustainable reduction of commuter mobility: less CO2 emissions, less traffic infrastructure.

How much can Solothurn save with VillageOffice?

How are other municipalities doing? Compare with other 2000 Swiss municipalities.

We are here for you

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We at VillageOffice are committed to getting the job close to where we live. You have questions about coworking in your own municipality?. We stand by your side - with expertise, commitment and heart. We have successfully accompanied 32 communities, 7490 hours of project work, and a growing team of 20 experts.

Our Partners in Solothurn

Coworking Space Loreto

Coworking Space Loreto

Spacious, bright workplaces in the 1st Coworking Space of Solothurn

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Coworking Uferbau

Coworking Uferbau

Coworking Uferbau is a community where you can work on your projects and dreams and at the same time benefit from the knowledge, ideas and conversations with your coworkers profitieren

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VillageOffice offers know-how

With our experience in coworking and the phase model developed by VillageOffice, we develop tailor-made solutions for each municipality. Together with you, we will take your project to the next level. Contact Andreas Choffat, or 079 422 77 27

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